Healed of Chronic Fatigue

Mandy Dixon - February 2002

The Lord recently healed me of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome after 11 years of sickness. I became ill in January 1991 before starting university and was almost completely bed-ridden for the next 3 years. I received some healing in 1994 but still spent most of my time in bed. I finished my degree in 1998 and being unable to work applied to do a PhD.

One night in October 2001 when I'd fallen a little behind in my study and was feeling particularly unwell I asked the Lord when He was going to heal me. He told me two months. A few hours later I came across a passage in the Bible that spoke of an event occurring in two months - the Lord really had my attention now. I leapt out of bed to check my calendar to find that in two months time I was to be at the Ozfire conference at Oxford Falls. That confirmed it - I was to be healed!

Due to sickness in the mornings and the fact that full day outings made me ill, I had only planned to go to the night meetings. When a friend offered to drive me on the first morning I decided to take a risk and prayed that I'd be symptom-free. I was, and ended up being well enough to attend every session of the conference. On the second last day the Lord asked whether I wanted the doctors or Him to heal me. I knew what He was challenging me to do so I went to the bank and withdrew the last of the money my grandmother had given me to pay for medical expenses (a substantial amount). As I put the money into the offering that night I knew I was to be healed the next day. It was only God who could do it now, as I couldn't afford any more treatment! I was bubbling with excitement and anticipation as I went up for prayer - my day had finally arrived. God then honoured that I'd stepped out in faith and healed me - a complete healing the doctors couldn't have given me even if I had been able to afford further treatment.

Since my healing I've barely stopped - I have my life back! To top it off, I prayed towards the end of 2000 that the Lord would bring a man into my life in 2001 and He did - he's the friend who offered to drive me to Ozfire. Hallelujah! God is good.


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