Healed of Lupus

Florence Hedges - May 1998

Eight years ago I nursed my husband through the last six months of his life. Shortly after his death I become ill. I experienced aches and pains. I had almost continuous pain in my back. Much of the time it felt like a knife, and it greatly reduced my mobility. I had no energy and just wanted to sleep all the time. After several trips to doctor, he referred me to a rheumatologist, and he arranged numerous blood tests. The results were abnormal, but they couldnít identify the cause. Finally, after eighteen months and a DNA test, the auto-imune disease lupus was diagnosed. I continued with monthly blood tests and was given a medication, d-penicilimine, which helped alleviate the symptoms, but couldnít cure me.

Despite the medication, over the years that followed I was nearly always sick. I could never make arrangements to go out, because I did not know whether I would be well enough. I often was too tired. Four times I suffered a severe attack that landed me in hospital, where I was given oxygen. The last such attack was in May last year. It was the worst attack I had ever had. I was in hospital for five days.

In the months after coming out of hospital, I was constantly at the doctors. In September, I asked them what the outlook was, and both told me that what I had was what I had to live with. They could help me with painkillers, but that is all they could do.

I became so down after this news, that I decided I had to seek help from the church. It was Wednesday and I was going to ring Richard, the pastor, that afternoon. He however rang me first. I said "Richard, you wonít believe this, I was just going to ring you". He said, "I was just sitting here, and the words "ring Flo" just kept coming into my mind, so I rang.

I told him what the doctors said and asked whether the church could pray for me on Sunday. When Sunday came, I was quite sure God was going to heal me. In the middle of the service there was a general invitation, for anyone with chronic conditions to receive prayer. A large group of people gathered around me, laid hands on me and prayed. After the service, one of the ladies who couldnít reach me beforehand, asked if she could pray for me as well. As she prayed I felt a burning sensation right up my spine.

I then went to lunch with my sister. As the meal ended, she asked if I was all right. I said "why do you ask". She said "because you look strange". I then said "Ed, my painís gone. I canít believe it!"

Since that day, the pain in my back has completely gone. The other symptoms have been almost entirely absent. I have continued with the medication. My next blood test revealed what had happened. The results were no were no longer abnormal, they were well within normal range. My specialist told me I no longer had Lupus, and said "This has to be the work of someone higher than us. We cannot do this!" They told me the blood tests were clear, and that I should just continue with monthly tests and with the medication. These tests have all been clear. I know that God has healed me and continue to praise him for it!

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